Leaf Guard Systems

Our Leaf Guard Systems from Alu-Rex have been proven superior in keeping out debris, ice and snow. These materials make for a stronger gutter and are maintanance free.

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Rockwood Exteriors is fully registered with Dryvit Canada to install and apply these systems, ensuring we meet standards and warranties

Textured Acrylic Finish System refers to an Acrylic Finish applied over a variety of substrates. Substrates can include concrete, cement plaster, icf, certain types of brick and EPS. The finish you chose has unlimited colors and various textures and styles. 

Exterior Insulation Finish System has the same final look as TAFS but with alot more going on behind the scenes. It allows for added insulation on the exterior, which makes it a good choice for retrofit applications, as it can be applied over numerous substrates. It incorperates proper moisture drainage, extra materials are used around openings. Unlike traditional stucco which is a hard, dense product, EIFS remains flexible, crack resistant and best of all it insulates from the outside keeping your home more energy efficient


Interior Taping

Along with exterior applications we also do finishing indoors. Whether its new construction, a basement or a garage we can finish the walls for you by taping drywall, painting and or applying textured finishes to walls for around fireplaces, backsplashes or other accent walls.

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We offer products and services to suite your residential or commercial building requirements

Gutter Systems

We offer gutter systems in 5" residential and 6" commercial sizes. Our regular downpipe is 3x3 and for commercial is 3x4. We have most common colors in stock and can order specific colors just for you to match your building. Our materials consist of aluminum or steel and are of the highest quality which will be proven for years to come

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